#002: What Is the Day One Philosophy? [Podcast]

Sometimes we live in the failures of our past, and sometimes we seek out our validation from past victories. But do those past failures or successes really matter?

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How you view your failures and successes matters, of course, but I believe there is a better way to live; one where you are informed by these events, but neither defined nor confined by them.

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I’ve already received a question based on some early blog posts in this category, and I thought it would be good to consider what the Day One philosophy is specifically. To do this, we have to ask certain questions:

  1. How have I branded myself, not just to others but to myself?
  2. Am I living inside a past failure?
  3. Am I stuck inside a past success and refusing to move forward?
  4. What am I doing with the time given me?

How we answer these questions is vital, not just to overcoming past failures, but to our ability to live in Day One!

Special Announcements

  1. I’m excited to promote a video course called 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever by my friend Michael Hyatt. If you want to stop wasting your time with failed New Year Resolutions and, instead, set reachable, actionable goals, then I encourage you to use Michael proven method. This course is worth every penny!
  2. In my next episode, I will share the recordings I made during my “Pre-Op and Post-Op” sessions as well as some real-time updates.

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In this episode I talked about:

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