#005: Wednesday Weigh-In 12-26-13

This is the first ever Wednesday Weigh-In episode!

In this episode, I will share my first post-op weigh in, the numbers it included, what excercise has been like for me this week and my weekly food tip.

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My Body Composition Analysis report:

  • Weight:313.5 lbs
  • BMI (Body Mass Index): 45
  • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate): 2641 kCal
  • Fat %: 46.6%
  • TBF (Total Body Fat): 146 lbs
  • FFM (Fat Free Mass): 167.5 lbs
  • TBW (Total Body Water): 122.5
  • TBW/Weight x 100 = Hydration Level 39.7%


So far, I’m not able to do any lifting. Hopefully I will be cleared at my doctor’s visit Monday, but at this point exercise has been all walking. I’m not increasing resistance on the treadmill, but time and distance have increased greatly. More importantly, exercise is actually helping me to feel better. This is unprecedented!

Food Tip of the Week

Atkins Blueberry Almond Square
This is the best price I’ve found on these.

Special Announcements

  1. We have a winner in our “5 Days to Your Best Year Ever” giveaway. Congratulations to Regina Coley.
  2. In my next episode, I will share “Stories From My Post-Op Experience.”

Stuff I Mentioned

In this episode I talked about:

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