006: Gastric Surgery Post-Op [Podcast]

What is life like in the days following gastric surgery? Surprisingly, not too bad, but also terrible.

Also, in this episode, we have listener questions.

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Some highlights:

  1. The beauty of calf compression
  2. Dry mouth and the sweet taste of water
  3. Catheters and the ease of shedding self-respect
  4. Wi-fi, Netflix and Batman Begins
  5. Oxygen (the stuff you breathe, not the TV network)
  6. Walking and my first meal

Listener Questions

  1. Jason asked, “In episode 4, were you crying because you didn’t have Facebook access?
  2. Melanie asked, “I’m considering having this surgery, but I feel like it won’t work with my family and the way they eat. How do you handle that?

Special Announcements

  1. My next episode is another Wednesday weigh-In. I’m going for my one month follow up today, and will have some more fun “voodoo scale numbers.

Stuff I Mentioned

In this episode I talked about:

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