If all you do is watch the news, then there is a LOT to be afraid of in 2014. The real problem isn’t choosing what to be afraid of, it’s trying to figure out what you don’t have to be afraid of.
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The big news is that, according to Jesus, you don’t have to fear anything.

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This sermon was given at a senior independent living facility near Chattanooga, TN. I admit it’s hard to talk like this to seniors, but the lesson applies no matter our age. First we have to understand that there are two reasons we live in fear:

  1. We choose to do so.
  2. Our lack of faith.

These are hard things to accept, but I didn’t say it, Jesus did.
There are four “Fear Not” muscles that we all need to exercise.

  1. Stop watching the network news shows.
  2. This isn’t about “TV is bad” or anything even similar.

  3. Read the Bible.
  4. You’ve probably heard it said that “Fear Not” appears 365 times in the Bible, one for every day of the year. That’s not true. Even counting variations, there are only around 115 occurrences. Question: How many times does the God of Heaven have to tell you that you have no reason to fear before you start believing?

  5. Pray
  6. Even Jesus went up to the mountain to pray before the storm.

  7. Start practicing saying this ultra high brow, super theological phrase: “So what?”
  8. [reminder]Does fear have an unusual amount of control in your life? How do you overcome it?[/reminder]

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