I wrote a  post on this blog back in August of 2010 wherein I vented my frustrations at HootSuite and AT&T regarding price changes for existing customers. And now, I’m hit again…

ATTN NETFLIX: In the past year, your stock has nearly tripledTRIPLED! in a time of economic downturn. The reason for this, the ONLY reason for this, is that you were smarter than EVERY other company that does anything close to what you do. You had streaming (for some new-ish titles and a lot of titles people may never have otherwise heard of – my family will forever be grateful for “gargantuan price hike. Think about this for a second… as of September 1, I will have to pay almost 65% over again to receive the EXACT SAME SERVICE that I was receiving on August 30. This is bad, BAD business (price gouging, if it was at a gas station) especially in these financial times.

My family has come to really appreciate you Netflix. Our many FB status updates and tweets validate this. During a time we could not afford cable or satellite service, but we HAD to have HS Internet (due to work and school) you supplied us with a pleasant and refreshing host of alternatives (the aforementioned “Pyarr Impossible,” “original and animated, and COUNTLESS others) while at the same time providing us with the occasional DVD to buffet out what was not available via streaming.  We knew that we could count on Netflix.  We encouraged people to join, lauding you as the single BEST option for a family’s television viewing experience.  We told people that the streaming plus one-DVD-at-a-time plan was the PERFECT solution for a family on a tight budget trying to find ways to combat the ridiculously high costs of cable and satellite plans.

But you know what my family NEVER did. We NEVER received more than five DVD’s a month. Never! Now explain to me as a shareholder in your company why you think that ANYONE would not be better served by staying with the streaming only plan and going to Redbox or Blockbuster express a few times a month (especially when I very often get emails and text messages for free rentals from these places).

In short, explain to me as a SHAREHOLDER IN YOUR COMPANY AS WELL AS A CUSTOMER why my stock is going to start dropping because you got greedy!

BAD FORM, Netflix!  Bad form, and VERY bad business!

For those who may ask, no, I don’t know what we will do with out Netflix subscription come September 1.  I sincerely hope they see the error of their ways as customers lash out and rise up in protest over this ridiculous decision.
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