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MTINH Album Art (for Page)JHM Media is in pre-production of an exciting new project! Friends and followers have asked for this for a few years now, and only recently have all of the pieces fallen in place for it to happen. James Marler, founder and president of JHM Media, has worked as a music theory educator for almost two decades, and now he is bringing his approach to a new podcast.

James has received excellent student reviews at every college and secondary school he has taught, and has a record of the lowest rates of attrition at two universities. James is passionate about teaching the “language of music” in a way that encourages the student and instills in them a love for the art and skill of the practice. With James, every music theory class begins and ends with a phrase: “Music Theory Is Not Hard!”

At the collegiate level, far too many capable and promising students of music endure poor or flippant pedagogy and are dismayed at their progress. Attrition follows and the students suffer feelings of failure and a lack of direction. At the secondary level, students suffer from budget cuts that all but eliminate the arts from their education. If they have musical education at all, it is relegated to a few minutes a day, and precious little time is devoted to learning the “language of music.” In early education, students are often taught well, but many of the basic elements are improperly taught for the sake of expediency.

In this podcast, James will take the same approach he does in every class. The subjects will be taken slowly and steadily, with time given at the beginning of every class to review the material and take questions. So, if you are a student at any level or if you are just passively interested in music, this podcast will help you learn to speak the language. So, don’t worry… you can do this! Why? Because Music Theory Is Not Hard!

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