Injustice and Freckles

It’s been a terrible 24 hours. To give context for future reading, in the past 24 hours we had the verdict in the Zimmerman/Martin case in Florida, Casey Anthony is pregnant again and Cory Monteith died. Other bad stuff happened as well, but I just don’t have the strength to get into it right now. Instead, I want to write about Freckles.

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My daughters are both blessed to have received the majority of their looks from their mother (Note: HOT!), but my youngest daughter, Lyric, got her complexion from me and my Scotch-Irish ancestry. That means pale skin.  It also means freckles.

As this years summer vacation began, my daughters obeyed the universal law of kiddom and jumped in the pool. My eldest, Liliana, immediately began to darken. Lyric? Freckles.

It bothered her. She thought she was ugly. I told her that I thought her freckles were cute. She wasn’t buying it.  So I told her about Evangeline Lilly. You remember… That show EVERYONE watched and then got mad at because it had a “terrible” finale (Another topic for another time). Well, I told her that on that show, Evangeline Lilly’s character “Kate” was often referred to as “Freckles,” and that she was the primary female romantic lead. Everybody thought she was beautiful, etc…

I showed her a picture…

“She is pretty,” Lyric said.


I thought it would be over.  A few weeks later, I picked up her iPod and saw this picture as the wallpaper:

evangeline-lilly_img_506359ea2e4dbabe18bdf9007e316b6b_800_0_0_0_0_0_ffffff_0_cb0f1I was taken aback. When did this happen?

“Lyric, why is there a picture of Evangeline Lilly as your wallpaper?”

“Oh, because of what you said. I put her on there to remind myself that my freckles are beautiful.”

No words.

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