I and a few other Netflix customers who took the time to post a reaction on Netflix’s blog were quoted in the International Business Times a couple of days ago.  It was in a related article that the “truth” (??? Maybe???) came out.  Apparently, Netflix wants this reaction because it is trying to get out of the DVD-by-mail business.  Since video streaming is the future and DVD-by-mail will go the way of the dodo, it stands to reason that Netflix is trying to make DVD-by-mail a less appealing choice.  But, if that is, in fact, the case, it seems to me that Netflix is still treating it’s customers badly.  Netflix has been competing with the negative PR, by saying that in comparison to their worldwide customer base, the negative responses on their blog and FB wall are insignificant, and ratio of response is indicative that most customers are happy with the idea.

This is not the way to handle your customers.  How many of us would have been so much happier (not completely, but bear with me for a moment) if Netflix had said:

Dear Customers,

We at Netflix have come to understand that Video Streaming is the wave of the future.  We have done much in the past couple of years to increase our streaming library <insert statistics here> and we have seen our customer base for video streaming grow significantly because of those efforts.  Additionally, our DVD-by-mail department and offerings has proven to be cost ineffective.  DVD’s which are returned to us damaged (if at all), have come to cost us, and ultimately our customers, more money than we make.  Therefore, as of Monday, July 18, 2011 we will be splitting these plans into two sections: 1) Video Streaming only, and 2) DVD-by-mail.  These plans will cost $7.99 each.  This new plan will affect new customers only. Our existing customers will continue on in their current plan.  However, all customers should know that as of January 1, 2013, Netflix will cease to function as a DVD-by-mail service.

This change will better serve both our shareholders and customers as it will free up our assets to increase both bandwidth and content for video streaming.  At Netflix, we cherish our customers and understand that their loyalty, your loyalty, not simply their subscriptions or dollars is what keeps us in business.  It is our sincerest hope that we can maintain that loyalty during this time of transition.

Please Note: This is NOT, sadly, an actual Netflix PR relase.

Now, if Netflix had said THAT, not only would NO ONE have cancelled their service this past week, but people would have clamored to get on board before Monday’s price hike.

You need better PR, Netflix.

Finally, let me address, the idea that the ratio of people responding negatively to the total number of customers shows that the negative response is insignificant…  We are not insignificant!  To the person reading this, YOU ARE NOT INSIGNIFICANT!!!!  Contact Netflix TODAY by calling 1-866-716-0414 and let them know how you feel about this price hike (because that’s really all it is).

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