Super Bowl XLVII Commercial Review

Ok, tweeps, peeps and FAM’s, not a lot of verbosity here.  I just wanted to throw in my two cents about tonight’s commercial-fest.

The Giant Plate

My Favorites

Right off the bat, I have to say that, yes, I DO have a favorite, but I also have more than one.  However, if I had to take only one commercial away from tonight’s offering it would be this piece of genius rebuke…

RAM – The Farmer Commercial

People are calling it “The Farmer Commercial” not the RAM or Dodge or RAM Truck commercial.  God help us if we don’t correct this GMO food corruption and let our farmers get back to their work.

For sheer heart-rending moments, my other favorite of the evening.

Budweiser – The Clydesdale Brotherhood

Yes, it made me cry.  Both times.

And, no, neither of these commercials, in my view, “sell” their product as much as they appeal to the emotion of the consumer to see the company, and, by extension, the product offered, in a favorable light.

The Best

The competition this year was fierce (as usual).  But when I think about what makes a commercial work, I think a)it makes me want to product, b) it makes me believe that, somehow, my life will be better with the product, and c) it causes me to see competitors in a negative light.  When you add these three things to what was accomplished by the RAM and Budweiser commercials, you’ve got success.  If you can add to ALL of that, a “WOW”, then you’ve got yourself a commercial for the ages.

Three commercials, this year did all of those things for me.

#1 – Volkswagen “Get Happy, Get In”

Funny, well delivered, well-paced and makes me believe that, if I will just drive a Volkswagen (or even if I just get in one), I, too, can be relaxed and easy-going without a care in the world. I want to be those things, and this car, says the ad, will insure that I become all of them.

#2 – Taco Bell “Live Mas/Viva Young”

The “WOW” comes in scene after scene in this one. It actually makes me crave Taco Bell and, simultaneously, forget that I’m not much of a Taco Bell fan in the first place.  Mission Accomplished.

#3 – Audi “Prom”

For all those times in High School when you just knew that the right something would make things work for you, and would make you more than you were… Audi gives us the dream of every teenage loser. Not only will you remember it forever, but so will she. Black eye? Totally worth it. Where’s my Audi?

The Worst

#1 – Go Daddy “Perfect Match”

Don’t get me wrong on this one. I get acting. But this one accomplishes nothing, is unpleasant and proves that some people will do anything for money. How proud Bar Refaeli’s parents must be.

#2 – Axe “Apollo Lifeguard”

I despise Axe commercials. I am offended on behalf of women with a company that says that women are things just above the rank of animal who can be induced to ignore all rationality simply because they smell something.

#3 – Doritos “Fashionista Daddy”

I’m all for Daddy/Daughter time, but let’s look at what this commercial says:

Daddy – I know you’re my daughter, but I don’t have time for you right now… I have stuff to do.
Daughter – But, Daddy, I have Doritos.
Daddy – Oh, then let me debase myself because Doritos are really important to me.

Honorable Mention

Good commercials, but they didn’t quite make the cut.

#1. – GoDaddy “Your Big Idea”

This commercial almost made it into “The Best” section, but I chose to limit the sections to three.  What makes this commercial so great is that it would have worked if the entire commercial was just the first couple sitting on the couch the entire time delivering the content and then cut to a different couple on the plane finishing the line.  But the commercial creates a sense of urgency in the consumer by having the conversation play out in rapid-fire jump cuts across the conversations of many couples all over the world.

#2 – Kia “Space Babies”

Cute? Check. Clever? Check? But I only have seven full seconds in this 61 second commercial to connect with the product and what it can do for me.

#3 – Mercedes-Benz “Soul”

This commercial does a great job of connecting a car to a lifestyle. Would you sell your soul to the devil for that kind of lifestyle? Wait… you don’t have to. Good work. It would have made “The Best” section if Christopher Walken was the Devil.

Missed It By That Much Award

This would have been the best commercial of the evening. It’s immediate. Funny. It has the “WOW”. But, afterwards, neither I nor any of the people at the Super Bowl party where I was could immediately remember what the product was.

Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You Award

This award goes to the funnier version of the commercial that made the cut.  Apparently, you’re not allowed to make fun of the NFL and it’s penchant for suing over the unlicensed use of the words “Big Plate”.

There were, of course, more good and more bad, but… whatever.

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2 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLVII Commercial Review

  1. So how does Audi Prom make the cut for someone who despises Napoleon Dynamite? How does kissing the prom queen differ from winning class president (popularity contest) for your friend because of an unexpected, awesome dance seen? Perhaps 30 seconds of high school angst and redemption is just more tolerable than 90 minutes of it.

    Vote for Pedro!