That Time I Almost Broke My Back… Tonight

Tonight, after leaving work, I had what can only be described as an epic fall onto hard concrete. Here’s what happened…

If you are at all familiar with the entrance to NCCOG that is on Magnolia, across from the Lee University School of Music, you know the breezeway and railing that is beside it. My daughters wanted to show me how they could get up on the upper concrete from the street. Lyric, just did a steady climb, but Liliana grabbed the top rail and jumped up while holding on. I was very proud of them both.
That’s when I uttered what have been the last words of many men stronger and braver than I…

I think I can do that.

So, I went to try. Now, in hindsight, I know what I did wrong. I was wearing COMPLETELY wrong shoes for this kind of activity, and I didn’t warm up at all nor try the lower ledges first. I just went for it.
I gripped the top rail, and performed two squats and leaped. My feet touched the lip of the concrete, and that’s when my left hand slipped. Then my right hand. I knew I was falling, and I was gonna hit hard so I tucked my head to my chin (so I would not crack my skull) and just let it come.
I hit the concrete on the sidewalk of Magnolia… hard. Very hard.
I heard my daughters scream.
My wife, completely nonplussed, barely responded (I figured she was holding it in because my girls weren’t… That’s what I choose to believe. 🙂 Anyway…)
Pain shot through my shoulders, down my arms and into my head. I had landed, mostly, on my upper back and shoulders and not the flat of my back. Had I not tucked my chin, I might not even be telling this story.
Everything hurt.

And then I started to laugh.

Then, I lifted myself up and, literally hopped to my feet. Laughing.

I reassured my daughters that I was fine, and took a moment to calm them. That was about an hour and a half ago.
About 15 minutes ago, I realized why I was laughing. I wasn’t laughing because I was glad I didn’t get hurt. (I was/am)
I wasn’t laughing to offset my daughters screams.
I was laughing because I attempted something so monumentally stupid that, a year ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of even thinking about attempting.
But this morning, I got on the scale and realized that, since the end of September, I have lost 80 pounds!*
Now, I’m not suggesting that one needs to go out and attempt something stupid to celebrate every little thing, but two years ago I took a slight fall and couldn’t even walk straight for days. Today, I took a hard fall and hopped up (literally HOPPED… placed my hands and threw my feet underneath myself to stand) not 30 seconds later. This, for me, is cause for celebration.

*When I hit 100 pounds, I WILL try again. There will be video.

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2 thoughts on “That Time I Almost Broke My Back… Tonight

  1. Thanks, JJ! I’m glad you liked it. It’s certainly going to be a good one to tell at holidays and family reunions.