The Beginning

So, it hit me tonight: Today is the first day, James. It’s time to start moving.

Here are the bullet points:

    • I will be getting a gastric sleeve surgery in about 12 days.
    • I have a few health problems (most of them are not caused by my weight, but in fact have caused me, for many years, to be almost completely unable to lose weight).
    • I hate that it got this far without my, or someone else’s, intervention.
    • I am grateful to my doctor who found the problem and gave me hope.
    • I’m scared.

For a lot of different reasons I’ve been keeping this a secret from most people. We will get in to ALL of those reasons sooner or later, I’m sure. Here’s the really big secret; I have been terrified that I would do this and fail. I even put the surgery – and another very important medical procedure that we will discuss later – off for over a year because I was afraid that I might do it and then fail and what a loser I would be then, huh?

Newsflash: That kind of thinking is stupid.

The other day it occurred to me that there is no other podcast quite like this one out there. Also, quite honestly, I started to feel convicted (a word a rarely use) to put this podcast together. I’ve been to several support groups and they have all been fine, but they lack a kind of transparency and “Hey, listen, I’m really scared and you’re talking about stuff that I’m supposed to do after surgery, but right now all I can think about is dying on the operating table and what if one day I forgot I had the surgery and I accidentally drink a Coke and explode my guts all over the living room while people are watching Once Upon A Time?” kind of feeling spoken out loud.

So, here’s the deal: I’m going to start writing posts about this journey as a way to keep myself accountable. The written posts will be mostly the things you see at the bottom of this post – again, accountability and inspiration – and other things that are better or more easily conveyed through the written word, but the podcast will serve as an accountability and inspiration tool as well. In this section of my site, I will share, thoughts, insights, revelations, victories and failures, and I want you to do that too!

I want you to share your thoughts, insights, revelations, victories and failures with me and with whoever else might come this way because you don’t have to need gastric surgery to want a better life. Maybe, for you, it’s just about daily exercise, or maybe it’s about going back to school and taking that one class that’s been eating at you forever, or maybe it’s about learning a new skill, or even just cleaning out the garage! It doesn’t matter what it is, and it doesn’t matter what happened before.

Today is Day One!

Exercise Journal:

Time: 17:55
Distance:609 yards
Calories Burned: 67.8

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