The Credibility Shelf

I have been hesitant to share this, but… Here it is.  The other day I saw this ad in my Facebook feed.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 11.19.45 AM

This is a clear example of Social Media Marketing done… just… WRONG. Look at the key elements:

  1. An author has a book, website and newsletter. Yay! Go Platform!
  2. Author’s book was named “Most Relevant Book of 2010.” That’s good. At least it was in 2010. That doesn’t make it a bad book now, but why am I seeing this ad today?!?
  3. The endorsing magazine is “Relevant Magazine.” This is a bi-monthly Christian magazine. I like them. They’ve interviewed me a couple of times. I bring them up because…
  4. The author is a former porn star and the connected picture in the ad she paid for real money for is a crop shot of her chest.

So, here are my thoughts: If you’re an ex-porn star and you have written a book about how terrible life in porn was, but the graphic you use is the one mentioned above I can’t even begin to take you seriously because either:

  1. You’re oblivious to the fact that this picture is inappropriate.
  2. You’re unaware that it’s being used (in either of these cases you aren’t monitoring your brand well).
  3. You’re still using your body to sell things.

When you’re building a Platform from which to build your business, sell your products or ideas, or to give voice to your expertise in a field or subject you must stay credible. 

This one ad undermines Shelley Lubben’s credibility, but it undermines Relevant Magazine’s credibility as well. Neither of those things should happen.

So, go subscribe to Relevant Magazine.

Go read Shelley’s book. I haven’t read it yet, but I have heard from people I trust that it’s really good if not a little disturbing.

But don’t make marketing mistakes like these. In today’s world, people look at your credibility shelf long before they take any serious interest in your product shelf.

Question: What do you think? Have you had your credibility questioned? What’s steps have you taken to shore up your credibility? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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