U2, Apple, and You Too

Without question you’ve seen it, either in your Facebook news feed, or somewhere else online. It’s been everywhere It’s worded a lot of different ways, but it comes down to this: “Apple secretly downloaded U2’s new album to your phone and every iPhone in the world without your permission. Don’t believe me? Go check your music.” Then followed by the inevitable response: “Oh, so creepy. Technology has too much power.”

But here’s the thing. It’s probably all your fault in the first place. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

Technology does not have too much power. Your iPhone is not “HAL” looking to take over your decision making abilities. Apple is not the pre-incarnation of “Big Brother” looking to spy on everything you do and force you to listen to certain music.
This post will help clear up the misunderstanding and help you take control over your phone (which, as previously mentioned you already have, but…)

If you check your iPhone (or iPad/iPod etc.) right now, you might see the new U2 album. Relax. Apple didn’t load it there. I promise you, YOU did that. If you open up the setting on your i-device, you should see something like this:


Scroll down from here and you should see this:

IMG_1899Now select “iTunes & App Store.” When you do, you will see something that looks like this:




Scroll down from there and you will probably see something that looks like this:


One or more of these will be selected. If you, to your own surprise, have the new U2 album, it’s probably because some time ago when you were setting up your phone you told it to automatically update your music. In the picture above, you see that I have selected my phone to automatically download new music, but NOT to use cellular data. Most people don’t know that iTunes has weekly free music offerings, and I want those. I get them automatically, listen to them, and then decide whether or not to keep the song.

There are two things to be aware of here.

    1. If you have any of these automatic downloads set, then you will get whatever Apple puts in the cloud.

That’s what happened with the new U2 album. Apple, as a courtesy, gave the album free to ONLY those with Apple IDs. This was a better business decision than, say, giving out a code or something similar.

    1. If you select “Use Cellular Data” then these downloads will push out no matter where you are and you will use your data.

I always deselect this, because I only want to download when I am on my home or business WiFi.

So, to fix the problem, simply deselect “music” (or whatever else) so that your screen looks like this:


It’s just that simple. So, take a breath, relax, and remember that your iPhone, just like any other piece of technology, is nothing more than a tool and will do whatever you tell it to do, even if you didn’t know you told it to do it in the first place.

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