I’m sometimes terrified that in describing a situation, it might sound like I’m complaining.  Most who know me are aware that I am a kind of “independent contractor”.  I travel for speaking engagements, I work in audio editing (promoting my newest client, Jesse Lahey over at mancaveradio.com), writing (I ghostwrite… Don’t ask, I can’t tell), work in local regional theatre… basically a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  If a job comes up, and I have the skill set for it, then I go for it.  That’s kind of what working for yourself means, right?

Well, the point is, I have been a busy camper the past couple of months.  I finished one large book job, started another, served as musical director for two shows, I teach, and am completing the work for my D. Min. so I can graduate in June.  The constant writing (two books, and Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology, whew) has kept me more than a little busy.  So, apologies for being MIA.

I want to thank people who have written via email or Twitter to encourage me.  Don’t worry, I’m still putting shoes on my theology, and I’ll keep doing so for as long as you guys keep reading… and probably for a little while after that.

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