When The Bible Disappoints (Part 2)

So, the last post was kind of a downer, huh?  Yeah, but it’s in the Bible, and that’s hard.  Sometimes the Bible says very hard things.  Sometimes we open the pages of the Bible for comfort, and find words that confront us, challenge us and take the wind right out of us.

Before I proceed, let’s recap the salient points of the last post:

  • Anything, good or bad, can happen to any of us
  • It’s terribly unfair that good and bad things happen to both good and bad people
  • No matter how unfair it is, there is every chance in any situation that you will come out the loser

So, that’s the gist of Ecclesiastes 9.  How do we, as people on this side of the victory of Christ process that?

Honestly, it’s very simple.  Read Romans 8:28:

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

It’s hard, I think, for us to not see what’s going on immediately around us and, instead, see the bigger picture.  But that is exactly what this verse says.  You may be going through a hard time right now.  You may be going through a time that makes a “hard time” look like a walk through Disney World.  But this time that you are enduring, this time that Solomon would call “terribly unfair” is still a time that God is using to work all things together for good.  For YOUR good.  For HIS good.  For the good of the KINGDOM.

And read this clearly, you may NEVER KNOW why, this side of Heaven.  You may, one day, have a complete turnaround and all of a sudden, you are traveling from mountaintop to mountaintop.  You will think back on this time and wonder, “I sure wish I knew why all of that happened.”  And you’ll never know.  Until Heaven.  That’s when Jesus takes you by the hand and says, “Hey, here’s something you’ll find interesting… Remember those years of poverty and disappointment and near despair?  Here are the people you touched and inspired during that time, because you never lost sight of Me.”

You’ll look across those faces and say, “I’ve never met these people.”

And Jesus will respond, “Yes, you have.  This is the lady whose groceries you carried when it was raining.  This is the man who was begging on the street.  You gave him some food.  This man is the little boy who was at VBS for one summer.  He went on to be an evangelist and led thousands to Me.” And on and on…

My friends, for those who are in Christ and are called according to his purpose, all things – ALL THINGS – work together for good.

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