Why Today (12/12/12) Is Important

Today is December 12, 2012. For anyone who’s been on Facebook today, you have, no doubt, seen a status update or thousand, that encapsulate the importance of this day. After all, “it’s the last time we will have a repetitive date for almost a century!” We heard similar things on January 1st 2001, and every repetitive date across the last twelve years.

Of course, much like the jokers who told us that January 1st, 2000 was “The New Millenium” there’s a problem with ALL of these repetitive dates: Specifically, today is not 12/12/12, it’s 12/12/2012. See? No real repetition.

Now, lest anyone thinks my tone is dripping with sarcasm (it is) alone, there is something very special about today (and NOT just because it’s Universal Sound Check Day):

This is the last December 12, 2012 EVER!

It bears saying again. Today isn’t important because it’s repetitive. It’s important because this is the last time this day will happen EVER.  Best part? That’s true of tomorrow 12/13/2012 as well.  It’s also true of every day before and after this one.

The worst part? That’s true of tomorrow 12/13/2012 as well.  It’s also true of every day before and after this one.

This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalm 118:24

Every day is the only day you have to be all that God has called you to be. Today is important! What are you doing to prove it? How are you rejoicing IN today? How are you “being glad” IN today?

Also, today is important because it’s Sheila E.‘s birthday, but… you know… all that other stuff from up there too. Happy birthday Sheila!

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